Summer Picnic

Summer Picnic – July 30, 2017

In case you haven’t noticed, we are scheduling a church pot-luck or picnic once a month. Why not! The Holy Trinity Birthday Party was blessed with great participation and lively conversation, not to mention, a Semi-Annual Congregation Meeting.

Our next one will be on July 30. It will be hosted by Mark Knauff and Jay Tobias from Thrivent. Why would I bring an insurance company in to talk with us? Thrivent is the company that used to be known as Lutheran Brotherhood or Aid Association for Lutherans. They have since diversified into serving all people with their products. But they are a mutual company, meaning they give their profits back to the community. Thrivent has programs that help us share the gospel. Specifically, they have this program called “Action Teams.” Each member can have two action teams per year and be funded with $250.00 to help implement a project. So, with God’s Work Our Hands, we can get $250.00 for each member involved to buy supplies (tee shirts) to make the event more noticeable or to reach our objective. Just think what we could do with the Oktoberfest!

We need to know how we can connect with Thrivent to make our mission happen. So, they will be here to tell us all about the “Thrivent Action Teams.” I hope we will enjoy the hot dogs and hamburgers, and learn how we can partner with them to reach more people in our mission of making Christ known. Please come and enjoy the fun! Pastor Gerry

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