Summer Reading

I have a couple of books that are great books about churches that have been successful and prosperous. Reading church books can be interesting and fun. Most of them are short easy reads. Come to my office and pick up a spare copy. Here are some recommendations:

It, How Churches and Leaders can get It and Keep It, by Craig Groeschel
This is a book about the presence of the Holy Spirit within a church and how we need to focus on hosting the Holy Spirit in our churches in what we do and say.

Speaking Christian, by Marcus Borg
This is a great book to open our eyes to how we speak about God and what that says about what we believe. There are other ways to speak about and understand God within our realm of Christianity. This will challenge us to see the similarities.

Change your Church for Good, by Brad Powell
This book talks about good change. It talks about keeping the important things important. You would be surprised how much churches lose focus on that.

Making a Good Church Great, by Steve Sjogren
This book is about how to develop a service culture in your church and live it out. This book really gets the reader to the heart of joyful service to others.

Power Surge, by Michael Foss
This is a book about spiritual development of people and of a church. It is a simple book that highlights what a Christian does to be a Christian. It is really a wonderful model for Christian living.

I also have spiritual development books and Bible books that are great. Just stop by if you want some great summer reading.

Pastor Gerry

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