Inclement Weather Policy

The winter months are upon us and soon we will be experiencing freezing rain, ice, sleet and snow. The following is Holy Trinity’s Inclement Weather Policy:

 Programming for youth , specifically Wednesday Night, LIVE! , confirmation, youth choir rehearsals, Little Blessing Preschool, etc., will follow the lead of Loudoun County Public Schools. If the schools are closed due to inclement weather, then HTLC youth programming will be cancelled.

 The HTLC church office will follow the lead of Loudoun County government. If Loudoun County government offices are closed, the HTLC church office will also be closed.

 Committee chairs and outside groups shall make a decision as to whether or not their committees or groups will meet. All are encouraged to use extreme caution and keep in mind the conditions of the roads and parking lot.

 For events taking place on the weekend , a message will be left on the Church Office’s voice mail and a message will be posted on our website, , as to whether or not the building is open for use.

Please remember that our first concern is everyone’s safety!

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