Lent 2018: The 24 hours that changed the world

We usually read the passion story from Jesus getting the upper room ready for his final meal to his last breath on the cross in a couple of minutes on Palm Sunday. There is so much action that takes place between the last supper and Jesus’ death on the cross that we do not get a chance to study and reflect on. We have become very familiar with the story as a whole. But, for the most im- portant 24 hours in Jesus life, we spend little time unpacking the whole thing, step by step, episode by episode.

Is the Last Supper just a Passover celebration? What about Judas leaving–was Jesus really mad? Why did Jesus go to Mt. Olives? Come on, what is with a kiss from Judas, is that irony or what? The most ruthless governor in all of the Middle East seem so judicial and then aloof? What is with that? Who were Simon the Cyrene and the other two men who were crucified? Why was Jesus crucified anyway?

There are a whole bunch of questions we can get from the passion story if we just take it step by step. This Lent, that is exactly what we will do. In 12 sessions between Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday (we will read the whole passion on Palm Sunday) we will break down Jesus’ last 24 hours from the Gospel of Luke to unpack the significance of the details of his last journey.

We will offer these sessions in order of the gospel on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday (12:00 Noon with a simple lunch) and (Evening at 7:00PM). The Wednesday sessions will be more informal with the reading of the lessons and a discussion about the story and prayers.

In addition, we will have a booklet printed that will have all the passion readings and their dates, so that if you cannot attend, you can follow along with the readings in your booklet.

The purpose of all this is to have us connect a little more deeply with our Savior during this Lenten Season. We hope that all of us can participate to make this an important part of our relationship with Jesus. So, I hope this makes you look forward to this special Lenten season as we go hour by hour into the last 24 hours or so of Jesus life.

Pastor Gerry

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