A Mountain Top Experience

In the story of the Transfiguration of Our Lord, Jesus takes Peter, James, and John with him. I wonder about that. Why didn’t he take the whole crew? Were they not Apostles? Was something going to happen that Jesus didn’t want them to know?  Or maybe it was just too many people to handle such an important event.
Of course, we don’t know why, but Jesus did have his favorites or his “direct report” who experienced more then the others. I suppose there were Apostles who were meant to see and Apostles who were meant to hear. Or another way, there were Apostles who were meant to experience and tell, and those that could see what happened in the eyes of the excited eye witnesses.
 Jesus puts on a display at this mountain top. He shows them his identity, right up there with Elijah and Moses, if not higher. Peter, James, and John are impressed, so much so, they don’t want the moment to end. Let us pitch a tent…  The other Apostles are impressed too, whenever they hear what happened on this mountain top. You and me, we are as far away from what happened as this picture reveals. We know something happened. We read the story without the convincing eyes of the excited witnesses.
But we all have had moments where we experienced the presence of God. We all have had moments that we can’t describe fully, but we know in our heart that something happened. So maybe this Transfiguration of Our Lord is not a one-time event on a mountain top. Maybe it is something we all get to see, feel, or touch in ways we can only understand. A birth of a child, a scenic view, handing our problems over to God, a near miss, an unusual set of improbable circumstances, unusual coincidences, or even unexpected … or expected … love. Any one of them would light up our mountain
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