The Passion of Jesus Christ

Sunday we begin our Lenten journey with “24 Hours That Changed the World.”   It is an episode by episode unpacking of the Passion of Jesus Christ as reported in the Gospel of Mark.  In the weeks ahead, we will focus in on specific elements of the passion and hopefully acquire a better understanding and appreciation of the last 24 hours of Our Savior’s life.

Pastor Mark Edwards, a Pastoral colleague of Pastor Gerry in our Conference and Synod, will be sharing his insights with us and presiding at the altar.  Please welcome him as he shares his gifts with us.

The readings may seem like a strange start.  But there has got to be a plan—a motive—a camel’s back to cross.  Everyone knew Jesus was different and critical of traditions and religious customs.  He even talked against the religious leaders confusing the people about the tried and true direction of their leadership. 

But today was the last straw!  Jesus allows this woman to honor him with an expensive bottle of ointment.  This was a respectful and humbling expression.  But it was way out of their cultural zone for an unmarried woman.  Costing about a year’s salary, the waste was not prudent, and it was unforgivable.  It was also giving too much credibility to Jesus.  This Jesus thing has gone too far.  Judas Iscariot had enough. 

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