Reformation Musicians Welcomed

Trinity Men’s Chorus Invites You to Sing!

Trinity Men’s Chorus will sing Oct. 30, Reformation Sunday, at the 11:00AM service. You are most welcome. (High school and up).

Contact Marcia Merry: for music and practice time. Thanks to all our regulars and newcomers!

Calling all Instrumentalists:

Festival Orchestra for October 30 - Reformation Sunday

We invite instrumentalists to play Sunday, October 30, in our Festival Orchestra, at either 8:30 or 11:00AM (or both!) for Reformation Day. Beginner, or professional, you are most welcome. Hymns and special music are planned. Performance under the baton of Nancy Fox. Get your parts, and rehearsal information, from Marcia Merry:; 814.360.4469

Welcome to Worship for K & 1

A special Learning Opportunity  Sunday, October 16

All Kindergarten and First grade students and their families are invited to join us for lunch and the opportunity to learn more about worship. Don’t miss this fun and informative opportunity to learn about the “Rhythm of Worship.  In addition each child will receive a special “worship tote” to bring to church.

Confirmation Classes

At our Confirmation Kick-Off last Sunday, we started learning about us: how Lutherans fit into the tapestry of Christian denominations throughout the world, and also as who we are as a Christian community.  We learned that:
                        1) We are the Church.
                        2) We are here to learn how to be disciples.
                        3) We share hope for the world
                        4 We are here to proclaim “He is risen!”
We thank all of our Confirmation families who were able to participate in our first class, and look forward to seeing all of our Confirmation students for next class, October 23, 2016. Confirmation Packets are available for families who were unable to attend.  Please contact Mary Samios if you have any questions!

What’s with all this stuff?

Jesus talks, through many parables, about stuff…a lot of stuff! Specifically our stuff. Is having stuff good? Bad? That’s a lot of stuff to think about! The writer of Luke was very concerned with how we use our stuff, or wealth. Let’s face it, if we have stuff, then we have wealth whether we think so or not. There are so many people in this world that don’t have anything.

As the parables in chapters 15 and 16 conclude, it’s important to remember that in these three parables no one is ever condemned for being wealthy or for having a lot of stuff. It’s what is done or not done with it that matters.

Last week’s didn’t make any sense at all. Is this parable making too much sense? A rich man steps over a suffering child of God, ignoring him. The suffering man looks longingly at the table that is laden with rich food for rich men and are so rich they eat rich food every single day. The men die on the same day. Now the reversals for which Luke is so well known are completed.

After their deaths, Lazarus is carried away by the angles –his name is “God helps.” The rich guy – buried. Lazarus is the bosom of Abraham. And when someone is in the “bosom” it is Bible-speak for “beloved”. The rich guy is  in Hades.

The one who lived the life of comfort now finds himself tormented, Lazarus is now the comforted and the great divide between these two continues into the afterlife as well.

“Father Abraham,” the rich guys demands, “send Lazarus from the dead to tell my five siblings that if they don’t change their ways they will be right here with me.”

“If they don’t listen to Moses the prophets, neither will they be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.” I love that divine sense of humor, don’t you?

Then the truth that we are to learn from this not-necessarily true story is that we are the five siblings. We are them.

If someone rises from the dead…Jesus rose from the dead and the writer of Luke knows that. The readers and listeners of Luke know that because the Gospel gets written down some 60 years after the resurrection of Jesus. We are the ones who have Moses and the prophets. We know tomb is empty. We KNOW Jesus is Lord! We do know the compassion of a God embodied in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

This parable is about the character and quality of our life right now.

We are invited to embrace the abundant life God offers. Because we believe that God is loose in this world, we participate in chasm-closing activities of God as God seeks to level the playing field of our lives.

And there are many chasms prevalent in our world right now – the chasm of racism, sexism, ageism, classism and any other “ism.”

We are invited to live into fuller,  more meaningful, more joyous life by sharing what God first gave to us – our time, treasures and talents – with those around us. And to work to close those chasms.

It is important to God in how we deal with each other. Christ conquered sin, death and the devil but now what?

We may have the assurance that we won’t suffer the same fate of the Rich Man but does that release us from our debt?

It changes the question of “what must I do to be saved?” to “How do I respond to the free gift of grace, justification and salvation?” We are freed from the worry about being saved, we are freed to love and serve God.

This is kingdom living at its best!

And because we believe that God is loose in this world, we are participants in the chasm-closing activities of God. It is God’s work, but our hands – God is working for us, in us and through us. We are the flesh and blood of God’s action in the world.

We are walking, talking illustrations that the life, death and resurrection of Christ has made the difference in the world.

The kingdom of God is here and now – not yet fully realized but definitely present for all to participate in.

This parable very clearly links our wellbeing with that of others. And it is a call to be responsive to those needs.

God saw fit to send a man from the dead to awaken us, to bid us to bring relief to others and to tell all that we meet that God loves us and cares for us.  We have seen a man rise from the dead and it has made all the difference in the world.

Has it made a difference to us? Or is it just stuff?

Taking Our Community from Good to Great

On Saturday, October 1, the worshiping community of Holy Trinity will gather in the fellowship hall for a one-day intensive leadership workshop. Held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., this time will focus on our ability to accept differences and to lead based on our strengths and mission as we strive to create a healthy congregation. The cost is $10 per person to cover lunch, snacks and materials.   AND INVITE FRIENDS!!!  The concepts and techniques that we will be talking about can be used in any community and are of benefit to all, especially those in leadership roles no matter where they are.   Sign up on the board on Sunday or email Pastor Heidi at to join the group.

Middle School Confirmation Kick-Off

New to Holy Trinity?  Learn More about our Middle School Confirmation Program

On Sunday, Sept. 25, Parents are asked to join our middle school students as we discuss the plans for our upcoming year!  

We are asking both youth and parents to join us for this first meeting and lunch where we will grapple with the question:  “Why are we here?”

If you would like to assist in preparing or serving the first meal, or if you have any questions regarding the curriculum, please contact Mary Samios (703.777.4912 x4 or email 




“Chill Out” Room

Check out the “Chill Out” room for parents and their children. Kids, you are always welcome in worship – we hope you know this! We also know, however, that there are times when your parents get anxious about some of your enthusiastic responses to worship. When that happens, you can take your parents to the “Chill Out” room where they can relax. There are books and toys for you and a couch for your parents. We hope you find it a welcoming space. If you are not sure where it is, please ask the ushers to help your parents find it.

Gods Work. Our Hands.

ALL ARE WELCOME to join us after the service Sunday, September 4, 2016, as we continue to worship through active ministry in the God’s Work, Our Hands ELCA initiative.  Please join us in one of the following activities as we prepare to reach out into the community on September 11, 2016:

  • Creating thank you cards for our First Responders
  • Assemble the First Responder “Care Baskets”
  • Creating blankets for Mobile Hope

On Sunday, September 11, we will take the Gospel outside the walls of the church building, and carry it into our community.  You are invited to participate in one of the following outreach activities:

  • Deliver the blankets we created to Mobile Hope
  • Deliver the thank you cards and care baskets to local First Responders
  • Participation in musical groups that will travel to local assisted living facilities and deliver fleece “Heart Filled” pillows
  • Serve ice cold water to people traveling on the W&OD trail

These events are for all ages – a time where we will “labor” as the hands of God, but we might be surprised where see the face of God in our neighbor.


“God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate who we are as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) – one church, freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor. Throughout the country, Lutherans will be rolling up their sleeves and taking the Gospel outside the walls of their churches and into our communities, especially looking to reach out in thankfulness and respect for our First Responders. There will be a variety of opportunities for service and we invite you to prayerfully consider where you would like to serve.

Please contact Mary Samios at to get involved!

VBS Roundup Wrap Up

In our Barnyard Roundup VBS, the children learned that Jesus gathers us together. They explored five Bible accounts where Jesus graciously gathers us together to be with Him with His abundant provision and saving protection, now and forever.

VBS week at Holy Trinity was a busy whirlwind of active learning where the children heard
Barn Raising Storytelling, created Wilderness Crafts, played Bales of Fun Games, ate Bountiful Blessings Snacks, and were Moovin’ & Groovin’ with Good Times Music!

On Thursday, we gathered together for an evening filled with fellowship, food, and fun. It was great to see so many people at our Barnyard Extravaganza!

Our VBS has collected $1,337.76 so far for Global Barnyard – this is nearly enough to set up two complete farms! We feel confident we will reach (or exceed!) this goal once we have received and counted the Global Barnyard Coin Boxes. We are thankful that we are part of a congregation with a generous spirit!

We will continue accepting “Barns” thru Sunday, July 24.   Learn more about God’s Global Barnyard.

We invite you to join us in September each Sunday Morning for Sunday School and Worship.

See you next year at

Holy Trinity’s Vacation Bible School

July 17 – 21, 2017!