Meet Us


If there is a something amazing about the Holy Trinity it is that the three persons of the Holy Trinity are in a joyfully relationship with each other.  We cherish that great example of value and purpose of being in relationships, even for God. 

Holy Trinity are people that live in a spiritual relationship. As a church family, we pray together, worship together, laugh together, do mission together, raise our children together, and encourage each other as people of faith in Jesus Christ.  We also are open and respectful to each other and all those around us, and we stand together as brothers and sisters as God’s children on earth.

As you look at the pictures, activities, and information provided in this website, know that we are a people of God that seeks ways to share God’s love and are not afraid to do what we can to care for our sister and brothers and their families inside and outside of our church.  Simply said, we care for each other.  The desire for relationships is included our name, Holy Trinity. We do our best to share our faith and who we are to all those around us and we have fun doing it.

So, thanks for checking us out.  We hope that by this virtual visit you will come our way and visit us and feel the joy of the presence of God in our midst.  We hope you feel that there is a place for you here.

May our Lord bless you,

Pastor Gerry