Pastor’s Bible Study

The pastor will host a weekly bible study each Wednesday at 10:30 am, starting September 20, 2017. We will pick a book of the bible and go chapter by chapter. The first book will be the book of Mark. This is a very human story of Jesus and these are so many hidden gems in the book of Mark. Come and find out as we explore.

On October 4, 2017, we will host our first “Lunch Bunch.” This will be a monthly gathering at 11:30 to discuss a topic about our faith and have lunch together. It will be a great mix of faith and fellowship. The first topic will be the “History of the Bible.” Do you know what is the oldest version of the complete bible? It is called the Codex Sinaiticus and is roughly 1600 years old. We will talk about that book and many more of the early documents of the bible that make up our common understanding. Come join us as we bring these ancient manuscripts to life! More information on the Lunch Bunch will be coming.